Of Vice and Men

Jul 24

stop being rude and start being nude

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Jul 23

“A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.” — Dave Barry

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Jul 22

Anonymous said: What should I wear to the Hamptons? Packing-wise? I'm a little iffy about going, so any suggestions outfit wise? (I keep hearing Blair Waldorf's voice calling me a plebe!)

Not sure what Hamptons scene you’re opting for, but when I go, I’m pretty much wearing denim shorts, a basic top, sandals and this bag. I’m currently obsessed with white dresses so there’s that as well. During the night if you’re out and about, I’d probably rock a romper or a dress with heels. You can also NEVER go wrong with some silk shorts and a tank top (paired with Converse if you’re in Montauk). I’ve also recently got on the maxi dress bandwagon—I’ve always thought they looked too formal on me—and am really digging this one. I tried it on the other weekend (without the belt) and it’s amazing and I’m just praying it goes on sale sometime.

Hopefully this was generic (and specific enough), but for the most part, it’s any other place that you’ll go visit. Dress so you’re comfortable and not sweating everywhere. Good luck!

Jul 21

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