3 Quick Beauty Fixes

Most of you guys pretty much know, I’ve recently confessed to being a late bloomer with makeup. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been a clothing, bags, shoes, etc type of girl and it was pretty much a tapeworm situation— I just could not get enough. I mean, things haven’t changed, but my fondness for makeup, beauty and skincare has definitely become one of my top priorities post graduation.

That said, I thought I’d share with you all my top three favorite beauty items and why I swear by them.

1. shu uemura eyelash curler, $19, available at shuuemura.com

When I heard through Twitter that L’Oreal was actually closing operation of shu uemura in the U.S. I automatically freaked out! At the time, I had been watching beauty videos on YouTube — yes I am a loser — and pretty much everyone raved that they were the Hermes of eyelash curlers. Honestly, never really thought to buy one myself, but with this whole “Chanel is going to increase their prices” type fiasco, I actually bought an eyelash curler online just… because. At the time this news broke on Twitter, I was tweeting back and forth with @fuggirls and Teen Vogue’s Beauty Director Eva Chen @evachen212 asking for any recommendations on what shu uemura products to buy.

I was using a Revlon curler at the time and quite frankly, assumed that I wouldn’t have been able to see any physical differences with the two brands. However, even an amateur like me was shocked. The website states that the “curved angle suits all eye shapes” and ensures “stability and control”. As an Asian with pretty short eyelashes that needs both volume and length, I could notice a significant difference after throwing on some basic mascara.

Basic tip: Even if you don’t have time to actually put any makeup on, make sure to curl your eyelashes. Even without any mascara on, your eyes will look more open and will make you look wide awake. And, if you’re willing to spend $19 on the shu umuera, your price per use (PPU) will be insignificant.

2. Lancome Bi-Facial Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover, $26, lancome.com

To be quite honest, my only New Years Resolution every year is to take off all my makeup before going to bed. Now, that sounds like a pretty simple task, but in my four years of college, trust me— I would be happy just making it back to my bed at night. haha, kidding! We all know that taking those few extra minutes to take off all your makeup and properly cleanse your face after a late night out seems like a daunting task that well, no one wants to do. Don’t get me wrong, there are going to be some nights when you just don’t follow your nightly skincare routine and that’s ok. But, it’s about taking preventative measures to decrease those nights from happening.

I’ve never had a problem with my skin freaking out after sleeping in last night’s makeup and I think this gave me a lot of leverage to “get away” with it. Quite frankly, I’m just too lazy to deal with 3736 products. I’m also not fond of makeup remover towelettes because I feel as if it’s rubbing dirt around your face with a sheet. And my Philosophy Purity cleanser isn’t “strong” enough to take everything off. So my search began for something that would help lazy me take of my makeup.

My mom loves Lancome and she no joke has 20+ of these makeup remover bottles in her possession. She swears by Lancome and in the process has managed to get quite a stash of “Gift with Purchase” items. I grabbed one once because I had nothing else to use, and it was love. I use it with a cotton pad, soak it, and then just let it sit on my closed eyelid for a few seconds and then press lightly and WAZAM, everything comes off. This stuff is golden and I am so thrilled that I don’t really have an excuse. Plus, it’s safe for contact wearers!

Basic tip: Find your favorite easy method of taking off your makeup whether it be a cleanser that doubles as a makeup remover, towelettes, a cold cream, or a liquid-based product. Splurging a little bit on proper skincare now will save you money in having to spend more later on any issues that might pop up.

3. BioSilk Silk Therapy, $17.95, available at folica.com

As a self-proclaimed hair model, my hair tends to be quite on the dry side. But an important fun fact is that I never blow dry my hair — the only time is when I’m at a salon getting it cut — and I don’t put any heat to it… no curling or straightening iron. My friends call it the “pretty Asian hair” syndrome.

When I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair and put the smallest bit of product on my fingers — think pea size amount — rub my fingertips together, and just run it through my hair, concentrating on the ends. If I’m running late, I’ll get my hair to the driest possible state which is usually still damp and just throw it in and let it air dry.

This replenishing treatment works wonders for me and for my dry hair. I can tell that my hair welcomes this little bit of “oil” since it basically sucks that stuff right up. Plus, with added UV protection it will definitely help you with protecting your hair from the harmful rays of the sun and help deflect any light. You’re left with very nourished and healthy shiny hair.

I’ve been using this product for years now and it’s the only haircare item in my hair routine. I don’t use any other products except it and though I am fortunate enough to have non-funny hair, I do think you should take a look into it especially if you have thin, lifeless hair.

Basic tip: Keep your hair looking fresh with a quick fix “on the go” treatment that will add nutrients and shine back to your dull hair.

YouTube video to come!